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Kapcher is an asset management solution provider offering a multi-pronged approach to data acquisition. If you’re looking for assistance with accurate, comprehensive inspection on building roofs and facades or huge infrastructure assets like rails, roads and bridges, look no further. Using a combination of drones, helicopter and physical assessments, we are able to build highly accurate data sets of installations on land, high in the air or in the sea. Forget sifting through a pile of photos and PDFs, we have the technology to analyse your data and generate meaningful reports for decision-making. 

We’re excited to usher you into the future of asset management where data capture is precise and less prone to human error. Gone are the days of resorting to guesswork when assessing the condition of assets in hard-to-reach locations or harsh environments. Neither do you have to expose your technicians to risk trying to access these assets. You can rely on our expertise with LiDAR and photogrammetry, supported by helicopters and drone technology, to capture accurate data on your assets for the detection of defects. 

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Data Acquisition Sydney

At Kapcher, we specialise in creating data sets from target assets using. We use a combination of advanced techniques, including laser scanning and digital photography to build a collection of data sets and high-resolution images of an asset. Among the techniques we use for data acquisition are LiDAR and photogrammetry.
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External and Internal Building Audits Sydney

Keeping tabs on the condition of your premises can be a challenge, especially if you have more than one location. Relying on physical inspections can be a slow, expensive and error-prone process. There will be nooks that the inspection team won’t be able to access and therefore opt to make an estimate. With Kapcher, guesswork is out of the equation. We offer 3D scanning services Sydney organisations rely on to give them a clear picture of their premises. You will get a summary of the condition of your building’s facade, including any faults detected by the scan in an easily accessible report.
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Infrastructure Inspections Sydney

We can also use this data collection and analysis technology to provide accurate information on the condition of roads, bridges, power lines and other critical utilities. Maintenance work on such facilities is many times as demanding as it is dangerous for the technicians involved. With Kapcher, this risk can be mitigated while improving the efficiency of your maintenance strategy. This is done by taking advantage of our multifaceted data collection and 3D visualisation system.

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