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Welcome to Kapcher, data acquisition specialists at the forefront of information collection and analysis. We provide tailored solutions for asset management in industries like infrastructure, building and facility management, road and rail. Our focus is to bring your physical assets into the digital world using cutting-edge technology. We aim to capture and provide accurate data to help you gain a better understanding of your physical assets condition.

Kapcher is an established name in asset inspection, data collection, laser scanning and 3D modelling. Our expertise results in better performance from your assets, reduced maintenance costs and an increased lifespan. You can forget about paper reports and reactive maintenance. Whether it’s from drones, helicopters, ground base imagery or laser scanning, we’ll design methods to collect information and provide the most accurate representation of your asset, saving you time and helping you make informed decisions around their maintenance.

Whether it’s by land, sea or air, we create a customised asset inspection service to give you a complete picture of your property’s condition.

Kapcher is trusted by organisations across different industries to make informed choices about the management of their assets.

How Can Kapcher Help You?

Eliminate the Guesswork
Physical inspections aren’t as accurate due to size and physical restrictions

Reduced Inspection Cost Manpower is expensive. Our methods are far more cost effective

Increased Safety
Gone are the days of hazardous manual inspections

Asset Management
Quality asset inspection provides a better understanding of your assets condition

Decision Making Data Accurate defect reports allow you to make more informed decisions around asset maintenance

Easily integrate data collected by Kapcher into your existing asset management system

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How Are We Different?

What sets Kapcher apart is that we are not limited to a single method of asset inspection and data collection. We use a combination of aerial imagery via helicopters and drones, and 3D laser scanning surveys to generate models that present a precise, holistic view of your assets.

In addition to 3D surveys and data acquisition services, we will provide you with the information you need to effectively manage your assets and increase their lifespan.

The data Kapcher will collect can be seamlessly integrated with your existing asset management software. No need to worry about replacing or reconfiguring your current facility management system. Kapcher allows you to import reports required for decision-making into GIS, Trendspec or any other platform.

At Kapcher, we think outside the box to provide our clients with tailor-made solutions. We’re more than a drone company or an inspection crew. We provide end-to-end solutions for asset inspection and management.

Why Choose Kapcher?

How We Do It

3D Modelling

Our 3D modelling services contribute to more effective asset performance monitoring. We achieve this by incorporating 3D laser scanning and technologies like Photogrammetry and LIDAR.


We use this method to collect data about the object remotely using a series of images taken from different angles. Photogrammetry essentially turns a collection of 2D images of an asset into a textured 3D model.


Light Detection and Ranging is technology that enables us to generate 3D renders of objects using laser beams. The device projects a laser light signal to the object and measures the time taken for the signal to bounce back. LiDAR can generate a highly accurate model that is vital to an asset condition assessment.

Industries We Serve

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Whether it’s a road or rail audit, or multiple bridge inspections, we provide comprehensive data to assist with maintenance decision-making. We use our technology to provide forensic engineering on large scale infrastructure projects. Using a combination of 3D laser mapping and aerial surveys, we provide an in depth condition assessment.
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Your contractors and engineers don’t have to be on the ground for you to walk them through the site they will be working on. Our 3D model site inductions provide an interactive and cost effective method of inducting new staff and contractors into your facility.

Building audits

Internal and external building surveys are crucial to making informed decisions on property monitoring and asset management. 3D modelling makes it easy to identify defects in your roof, facade or internal structure such as damaged roofs, rust spots, leakages, debris and broken windows. Kapcher’s accurate defect identification can help reduce maintenance costs by up to 30%.
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Bespoke solutions

Kapcher’s 3D modelling technology lends itself to other industries outside the construction and infrastructure space. Whether you’re looking to create a promotional video, a 3D model to go with your sales pitch or provide a virtual tour, our services can be customised to offer a point of difference for your business.


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Why Choose Kapcher's Asset Inspection Services?

Land Survey Data and Terrain Mapping


Digital representations of assets provides you with a reliable, accurate and risk-free means of assessing their condition. You will be able to quickly pinpoint faults in the asset that need repairs without having to pore over piles of photographs. A 3D model of the asset will enable you to work collaboratively with colleagues remotely, removing the need to coordinate a physical site visit. Furthermore, you will have a handy archive of the data whenever it’s needed. 


o. In fact, we will help you get your asset management done in a much more cost-effective way than traditional inspections.
Our services are available to organisations in any industry that require aerial survey services or roofs and facade inspection for their buildings. We serve clients in infrastructure planning, contractors in the construction space as well as large scale property owners.
Yes, the output from Kapcher’s system can be readily imported into Trendspec, GIS and any other facility management platform.
Short for Light Detection and Ranging, this is a method of remote collection of data and imaging. It produces a digital representation of a section of the Earth by bouncing laser light off its surface from different angles. Millions of laser beams are projected in a pulsed form from an airborne device and the reflected signal scanned by a GPS receiver. The ‘ranging’ in the name refers to how the device measures variable distances. LiDAR is used to provide accurate mapping both on dry land and underwater.
This is a digital imaging technique that is used to create orthomosaics and digital terrain models among other types of graphical representations of real world objects. It works by analysing the change in position of an object from two or more images using specialised processing software to create a 3D model. The images are usually photographs taken aerially from a helicopter or drone.