Facade and Roof Inspections

Facade and Drone Roof Inspections Melbourne

 Exterior inspections are crucial to any building management plan. Facility maintenance plans will have a schedule for facade and roof inspections to check for any occurrence of defects such as rust, damage, broken windows. Early detection and treatment of such problems can save you a fortune in major restorations.

At Kapcher, we can help make your building inspections more effective with accurate data acquisition for analysis and the generation of 2D and 3D models. Using a combination of aerial and ground-based imagery as well as laser scanning, we are able to provide you with an accurate digital representation of your building and your buildings facade.

Gone are the days you had to depend on a team of technicians risking their lives scaling your premises using scaffolding or ladders. You no longer have to be content with estimates of the areas of your building that are too challenging for technicians to access.

With the database of high-resolution images and models of your assets Kapcher provides, you will be able to keep closer tabs on the condition of the building. This information allows you to generate a facade or roof inspection report for decision-making.

Why Use Kapcher For Your Facade and Roof Inspections?

Accurate fault detection

Using advanced photogrammetry from our drone roof inspections, we will provide you with a textured 3D representation of your property. From these detailed images you can easily visualise any defects in the flashing, for instance, and fix them before they result in leakages. This is a far more effective way of discovering faults than scrutinising piles of photos of your roof.

Safer roof and facade inspections

The element of risk is virtually eliminated as you don’t need to have technicians conducting inspections while dangling precariously from ropes, scaffolding or ladders. Cameras and scanners mounted on drones do all the data collection.

Make your buildings last longer

Since we will have done away with the element of risk that conventional inspections attract, you can conduct inspections more frequently. More regular facade and roof inspection means closer tracking of the condition of your buildings and earlier detection of problems.

Get your data and reports faster

Conventional inspections require the assembly of a team of technicians at the site along with equipment like scaffolding and harnesses. Rigging up scaffolding can add a day or two to inspection time. You won’t have to go through these pre and post-inspection inconveniences with our building inspections. Whenever you need them, our drones will be ready to move onto your site.

Which Industries Use Kapcher’s Facade and Roof Inspections?

Our drone-based facade and roof inspections are suitable for businesses in diverse sectors of the Australian economy.


  • Real estate: Property and facility managers in the commercial real estate field in Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and other parts of the country, can benefit from our roof inspection services.
  • Construction: Owners and managers of buildings across the country can tap into the data acquisition and analysis capabilities of our systems to monitor the performance of their buildings over time.


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