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We offer property owners, facility managers and contractors in Brisbane tailor-made asset management solutions that will decrease maintenance costs and increase asset performance. Our public utility, facade and roof inspections in Brisbane serve to improve the accuracy of data captured while eliminating the element of risk associated with the inspection being done by a human being. The cost of data acquisition itself will be significantly lower when done with our drones as opposed to assembling a team of technicians.

With Kapcher, you can forget about rummaging through piles of photos trying to establish the condition of your assets. Through our accurate 3D laser scanning Brisbane facility managers will be able to quickly identify faults in the structure or the utilities housed in the asset. From the 3d models and even BIM and CAD models we generate, you can quickly pick out cracks in the roof or damages to the internals of a building. In addition to this, you will have an archive of data you can use to monitor the condition of your assets over time.

Our Services

We pride ourselves in offering our clients a fully tailored service that caters to their present and future asset management needs. Here are some of the basic services we offer to help you obtain the data you need to keep your assets in excellent working condition.

Industries We Work In

Building Inspection:

Property managers call us in when undertaking renovations of buildings to conduct interior and exterior building inspections. We are also able to conduct virtual site inductions for contractors before beginning a new project.

Building Inspection:

We have the expertise to conduct inspections of roads, rail, bridges, tunnels and other large-scale public utilities throughout Brisbane

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