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Drone Inspection Services

Keeping assets in good working condition is key to the objectives of any organisation. Drone inspection presents a low-risk, cost-effective way for you to forestall any need for major repairs and resulting service outages. At Kapcher, we specialise in visual drone inspection for all kinds of commercial and industrial assets.

Visual inspection, as the name suggests, involves mounting a camera on the commercial drone so that it takes many photos of the asset under inspection from all angles. We then use the images produced to create a digital model of the asset and identify areas where preventative repair works may be required. In this way you get a more accurate assessment of the asset without any exposure to the human risk attendant with activities like physical mobile tower inspections.

Industry Applications for Kapcher Drone Inspections

Existing constructions

These include roof and facade inspections as well as interior building inspections.


Drones have also been used to inspect wind and solar farms. We can deploy drones to provide visual inspections of mobile network masts, power lines, towers and transformers.

Infrastructure inspections

These include road and rail surveys as well bridge inspections.

Oil and gas

Kapcher have used drones to collect data from offshore rigs as well as pipelines reducing maintenance costs.


Accessing and maintaining up to date information about the conditions of a plantation can be difficult. Kapcher’s use of drones and software make asset management on this scale infinitely easier.

New construction

Drone inspections over construction sites allow stakeholders to see how far works have progressed without having to rely on reports from contractors.

Why Are Drone Inspections Vital to Maintenance?


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