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3D Laser Scanning Services

At Kapcher we provide 3D laser scanning for a wide range of applications and purposes. Our expertise in using LiDAR and other cutting-edge scanning technology ensures you get an accurate representation of your assets no matter where they are located. Whether you need to assess a production facility, a solar farm in a remote location or a bridge over a lake, we have the skills to conduct precise as-built 3D surveys and produce detailed models. 

Kapcher will provide you with accurate data that will improve decision-making about the management of your assets. With detailed 3D and 2D representations of your structures and assets, you will be able to identify defects with more precision. Our expertise allows you to do away with the guesswork and the element of human error. This ensures your inspections and surveys offer a better return on investment. Another benefit of Kapcher’s technology is the reduction in expenses and delays associated with getting together a technical team for physical site visits. Not to mention the huge amount of risk physical inspections can entail.

How 3D Laser Scanning Works

Central to our 3D laser scanning is an advanced tool called LiDAR, short for Light Detection and Ranging, usually mounted on a drone or helicopter. This device creates a digital model of the ground surface, including any structures on the area, by projecting millions of laser rays over it. A sensor on the device detects the wavelength of every ray to travel back and uses this info to create an accurate representation of the subject.

We use a combination of the data obtained from LiDAR scanning and images captured by 3D cameras to create an accurate model that can be used to improve the management of your asset. We also use photogrammetry as required. 

Where is Laser Scanning Used?

BIM modelling and Facade Mapping

We process the raw data from interior and exterior building scans to produce detailed BIM models that you can integrate with your asset management system.

Bridges and Tunnels

We are able to detect cracks, displacements and other irregularities in bridges and tunnels with much more accuracy than manual inspections.

Road and Rail

Our high-speed 360-degree LiDAR scanners offer high quality data without the need for technicians on the road or railway.

As-built property surveys

We ensure contractors and engineers on a new construction have a clear view of the structure’s layout.  

Plant and Equipment

With our drone inspections, data collection at oil and gas plants and other such high-risk environments can be made safer and more cost-effective. 

Why Choose Kapcher’s 3D Laser Scanning Services?


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