Event Photography Melbourne

Promotional and Event Photography Melbourne

If you’re looking for video and photography experts to help you produce high-quality media to promote your brand, make Kapcher your first port of call. If you have a large-scale project that you wish to keep tabs on with high-resolution footage, we can help you with that. We are also the go-to service provider for event hosts and promoters in Melbourne looking to immortalise moments with professional videography and drone photography services.

Creating awareness around your brand can be a challenge in today’s highly competitive environment regardless of which industry you’re in. You can make your brand stand out with top-notch video productions.

Kapcher has been providing aerial drone photography services in Melbourne for years, helping brands position themselves in both online and offline marketing campaigns. We have also been at the forefront of helping project managers and property owners keep accurate tabs on the goings-on on construction sites. We are a team of highly experienced photographers and drone pilots with an understanding of what it takes to create high-quality productions in different parts of the city.   

Why Choose Kapcher's Photography Services?

You can showcase your offerings to your target audience in a captivating way by packaging them in stunning 4K video. Aerial shots of your beachfront resort coupled with close-ups of the gourmet meals guests will be treated to will immediately put viewers in the mood for an exotic getaway. Our drone cinematography combines breathtaking aerial footage with music that enhances whichever mood you want to create an irresistible visual feast that potential clients will be eager to sink their teeth into.

You can use the high-resolution footage we provide you as a part of your direct sales pitch to wow potential clients in board rooms. Or you can use it to create shareable content for your website and social media pages to tap into a wider audience. Having Ultra HD and 4K content for social sharing is virtually a must-do for any enterprise keen on tapping into the power of Instagram, Facebook and YouTube and the billions of users they command. Especially with mobile device makers incorporating high-resolution displays with even their budget gadgets.

Event Promotion Photography

If you’re in the event promotion business, we at Kapcher can help you capture the highlights and package them in a way that will woo potential sponsors. We will capture the sweat and elation at your music festival with vivid stills and well-timed action shots. We offer drone photography Melbourne event hosts will be happy to use to promote their services across the region.

Construction Photography

Are you a contractor overseeing a large-scale construction project? A collection of professionally executed drone shots over the property will help you monitor progress on the site. You can rely on Kapcher to provide you with the footage you need to get a clear picture of the ongoing work on the site. This footage will help you keep track of the project’s schedule and budget, ensuring you adhere to agreed-upon timelines. It will also ease the process of providing updates to your client. 


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